Friday, 28 August 2009

Pipeline for land

Russia is planning to build a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany on the bottom of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. Now some Finnish businessmen are trying to use project as a way to get Karelia back from the Russians, "Finnish Businessmen Using Pipeline as Leverage in Karelia Question".

Both my parents was from Karelian Isthmus and had to leave their homes in 1944 when Karelia was ceded to the Soviet Union after the Continuation War. I've only visited Karelia once with my mother and that was in the mid-90:ies at a Homecoming Day at mother's home parish of Muolaa, but I've always been aware of how much the loss of their homeland meant to both of my parents. Now they are both dead and I can't ask them if they would like to have Karelia back or not. Somehow I believe my father would like it, his home parish was close to the present border between Russia and Finland and his youngest brother lives within walking distance to the border. But I'm not as sure if mother would like to have Karelia back, the places where she grew up were very changed and there was only the steps left of the parish church and we couldn't find any traces of her childhood home. The land itself, the buildings and fields also looked a bit dilapidated and I would guess that it would need a lot of money to get it back to what it once were. Then there's also the question of all the people who now live in Karelia, who have moved there after the war and have lived there for more than 60 years. They are ethnic Russians and it's not certain than they want to become Finnish citizens, what would happen to them, a new displacement of people? Almost all of the Finnish citizens was evacuated when Karelia was ceded to the Soviet Union, and who was born in Karelia before the wars are now in their mid-60:ies and older and it's not certain that their children and grandchildren wants to move back to places where they never lived.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My garden

A pretty pink spring flowering plant

Photos from my allotment garden

My cats

Dani and Ninni together

Added my Yahoo 360° blog here

Well, now I have imported my Yahoo 360° to Multiply. I managed to get everything with me, even if I had a small scare as I couldn't access my Yahoo-id first, but then it went well.

As you probably know Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo 360° on July 13th, and I don't want to loose the blog entries I've posted there, so I decided to merge them with my Multiply-blog. It's one less blog to keep up to date as I also have two Swedish blogs, one is a Garden blog at: Nattugglans koloni - it's about my allotment garden and what's happening there, and the other is Nattugglans funderingar - a blog about this and that in my life. With one less blog I hope post here more often, even if I believe it will be my garden blog that I will be writing in mostly during the summer months. 

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Spring is finally here, today has been a real spring day with a sunny sky and it's such a difference from yesterday. I was out for a walk with my cats and the sun was shining and I noticed that the crocuses in my neighbours garden have opened their flowers, yesterday I didn't see any of them. There's lots of them, a very dark purple on the outside with a paler lilac inside that fades to almost white closest to the stigma. I like crocuses, they are lovely and so cheerful when in bloom. The snow-drops have been in bloom for a couple of weeks now, so have the winter aconites. I love all the colours of the spring flowers.

I took all three of my cats out, first the two older cats and allowed them to run free in our inner yard and they were wild, racing round and trying to climbing up and down the trees. Neither of them getting very high up, just to the first branch and then jumping down again. When the two of them had had enough of fresh air, I took the youngest of my cats out, for the second time and this time without the support of an other cat. It went well, Sindra didn't mind the leash and walked around and checked the bushes and so on, but I could see that she must have been a bit nervous as the muscles in her hind legs was shivering. We weren't out long, just five minutes or so and she was relieved to get indoors again, to familiar grounds.

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