Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My garden

A pretty pink spring flowering plant

Photos from my allotment garden

My cats

Dani and Ninni together

Added my Yahoo 360° blog here

Well, now I have imported my Yahoo 360° to Multiply. I managed to get everything with me, even if I had a small scare as I couldn't access my Yahoo-id first, but then it went well.

As you probably know Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo 360° on July 13th, and I don't want to loose the blog entries I've posted there, so I decided to merge them with my Multiply-blog. It's one less blog to keep up to date as I also have two Swedish blogs, one is a Garden blog at: Nattugglans koloni - it's about my allotment garden and what's happening there, and the other is Nattugglans funderingar - a blog about this and that in my life. With one less blog I hope post here more often, even if I believe it will be my garden blog that I will be writing in mostly during the summer months. 

Imported from Multiply